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TCM, a MOF4AIR demonstration site for power plant and Residue Fluid Catalytic Cracker (RFCC)

TCM – Mongstad, Norway

TCM is one of the most advanced and the largest post-combustion CO2 capture pilots, where several vendors have already qualified their CO2 capture technologies. The participation of TCM in this project is unique as it shows the common will to bring carbon capture solutions closer to the market from 4 major oil companies that collaborate at TCM: GASSNOVA, EQUINOR, SHELL and TOTAL.

SET-Plan ACTION n°9 – Implementation Plan – 21 09 2017.

TUPRAS Izmit, a MOF4AIR demonstration site for furnace-boiler

TUPRAS – Izmit, Turkey

TUPRAS is the Turkey’s largest oil enterprise with 32.5 million m3 crude processing capacity and is the 7th largest refinery enterprise in Europe. Tupras will welcome a pilot in its Izmit facility.

 SOLAMAT-MEREX Fos sur Mer, a MOF4AIR demonstration site for hazardous industrial waste incineration

SOLAMAT – Marseille, France

SOLAMAT is part of the Marseille FOS cluster. SOLAMAT is part of SARP Industries (SARPI) group which is subsidiary of VEOLIA and leader for treatment and recovery of hazardous industrial waste. The demonstration pilot will be installed in SOLAMAT Fos sur Mer site, operated by SOLAMAT with the help of its linked third-party Veolia Research and Innovation Center (VeRI). The Fos-Berre/Marseille CCU cluster gathers industries and public sector (GPMM i.e. Port Authority).

Soon, an important infrastructure component (pipeline collecting CO2 from different sources and feeding different applications) will be set up. At SOLAMAT, the industrial process studied will be a waste incinerator.