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[WP5] led by @SINTEF aims to demonstrate the #CarbonCapture technologies in a lab-scale environment. The 4 chosen #MOFs will be shaped and used in lab-scale pilot @VPSA and @MBTSA demonstration units!
👉It will provide know-how on the design needed for TRL6 demonstration process.

[WP4] led by @SINTEF aims to computationally screen #MOFs for adsorption, perform process simulations and carry out detailed cost analysis of VPSA and MBTSA processes 🖥. This will help to choose the right MOF for the experimental demonstration!

[WP3] #MOFs selected in WP2 are being prepared for synthesis at larger scale and shaped! Stability and structural properties of both scale-up and shaped materials are checked, and adsorption equilibrium and kinetics of shaped material are determined.

To tackle such tricky phenomenon the must is a team effort @hengtianlang @GrMile with amazing groups @MxOFsGroupUNAM, @DincaGroupMIT
congrats @AntonioZarate_8 @EvaMAhumada1
, @JOSALFR33731942 @SurfaceMSystems
and thanks @mof4air

[WP2] Behaviour of a wide range of #MOFs under a gas flow, like those of carbon-intensive industries, was analysed combining adsorption experiments, operando techniques and computational approaches.

Finally, 5 MOFs have been preselected for up-scale and industrial applications!

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