Carbon capture is a key technology that has the potential to decrease carbon emissions in power supply and carbon-intensive industries by giving another afterlife to CO2: utilisation or storage.

Shifting towards a low-carbon economy requires cost-effective carbon capture solutions to be developed, tested and deployed.

In this regard, Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) are a widely studied class of porous adsorbents that offer tremendous potential, owing to their large CO2 adsorption capacity and high CO2 affinity. However, the performances of MOF-based carbon capture technologies have not been fully evaluated in advanced CO2 adsorption system, this is the aim of the MOF4AIR project.

MOF4AIR is a H2020 project gathering 14 partners from 8 countries to develop and demonstrate the performances of MOF-based CO2 capture technologies in power plants and energy intensive industries. MOF4AIR stands for Metal Organic Frameworks for carbon dioxide Adsorption processes in power production and energy Intensive industRies.

Duration: 01/07/2019 – 30/06/2023

Budget: 11.1M€ with 9.9M€ of EU contribution




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3rd consortium meeting

Today was the 3rd consortium meeting of the MOF4AIR project. This meeting, held virtually due to Covid-19, was the occasion to review the progress made by each partner on their WPs. The project is moving towards its main objective: the demonstration of the...
second meeting in Oslo

Second meeting in Oslo at SINTEF

In January was the second meeting of the #MOF4AIR project in Oslo at SINTEF! After 6 months of hard work, we are right on tracks to decarbonise the industry and power supply through MOF-based carbon capture! For more information, contact us!linkedintwitter


MOF4AIR partners UMONS, MOFTECH, KRICT and SiKEMIA were present at EuroMOF2019 on 27th-30th October 2019. See a glimpse of KRICT presentation here and of MOFTECH presentation here. Thanks to SiKEMIA for the posts!

Join the MOF4AIR team!

Two job offers are available: UMONS: Post doc position will be focused on vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) process using MOFs à See offer here. CNRS Paris (IMPA): Research engineer (M/F) offer at IMAP MOFs scale-up and shaping for CO2 capture (M/F) à See...

Kick-off meeting

The MOF4AIR project was kicked-off at University of Mons on July 29th and 30th 2019. It was the occasion for all partners to finally meet after working remotely from each other. The partners reviewed the coming 12 months of project in order to launch activities...

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 837975 (MOF4AIR). This output reflects only the author’s view and the European Union cannot be held responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.